Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer being one of the prestigious careers in India, many are curious about the Salary structure of an IAS. Though it is one of the most reputed positions, and an IAS officer enjoys some of the privileges, its salary structure is not that high if we compare it with responsibilities on their shoulder. In fact, there are many private sectors in the country which provide better packages.

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer being one of the prestigious careers in India, many are curious about Salary structure of an IAS

Salary structure of an IAS – the background

Today, we will discuss the IAS salary. It is important to know everything about the career for all the IAS aspirants before heading toward it. There is a hike in the IAS officer salary structure after the 7th Pay Commission, but still, it is less. But salary doesn’t really matter for a true IAS aspirant. Their motivation does not lie in the salary. There are many aspirants who have left their job in the private sector with a good amount of salary package. They left only because they wanted to serve their country no matter what. They wanted to opt for the responsibilities and the opportunities to serve society. Every year there are thousands of students and aspirants who prepare for the IAS exam. Because there is so much more other than salary that attracts them to become an IAS officer, but among them, only a few can manage to reach the position.

But there is also the case as many aspirants dropped because of the lesser salary package. It is our responsibility to let the students know about the salary of an IAS officer, but the decision is yours. You need to choose whether you want to serve the country unconditionally or you want to get the higher packages.

Is the salary structure of an IAS too less?

Though the IAS salary is lesser than many of the private sectors, it is not less. As an IAS officer, you can earn respect and the power to serve your fellow men, which is far more than anything else. IAS officers are the top officers of the Indian administrative structure. Some IAS officers also help and advise their family members, or relatives, friends, friends of friends with their knowledge and earn from it. There is nothing bad in it if you are good at something, and moreover, when you have so much knowledge, don’t give it for free. This can also be the way of earning a good amount.

Salary structure of an IAS – 7th Pay Commission

The basic per month salary of an IAS officer starts at Rs.56, 100 with TA (Travel Allowance), DA (Allowances like Dearness Allowance), and HRA (House Rent Allowance) as extra and can reach up to Rs.2, 50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary. The DA depends on the city of posting, and it differs from city to city. In the same way, HRA is also dependent on the residence of the IAS officer. DA is increased by the government from time to time. It is increased up to 103% of the basic salary.

Grades of the IAS officers determine the salary structure of the IAS officer. Each of the grades is determined by the number of years served by the IAS officer and their experience.

Grades and Payscale

Pay Level of the IAS officer

We hope to give you an idea about the salary structure of the IAS officer. If you want to know more about this, please visit our website.

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