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Appearing for the AIS All India Service examination called the Civil Services Examinations supervised by the Union Public Service Commission, the aspirants need to thoroughly read and comprehend all the subjects with due respect to their detailed syllabus. The candidates aspiring to become an IAS officer must focus on their geographic portion with immense dedication because many important questions arise on geographic boundaries, their regions, climate, water bodies, climates, natural resources, Human Geographical portions like; Economic Geography and Social Geography. 

Crack IAS Examination 

The Geography is divided into three parts:

  • World Geography: The world geography involves the geographical boundaries of the entire globe itself, including the lands, water bodies, the countries’ land, water and air boundaries and restrictions, and the jurisdictions entitled the laws, duties, and regulations. The portion inflicted by the geographic matters or factors must require systematic research. 

You can refer to some books like 

  • World Geography by Mashid Hussain 
  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikant
  • Oxford School Atlas 


  • Human Geography: The study of Endogenic Forces, physical barriers/boundaries, 

The reason behind natural disasters like the eruption of volcanoes, the high-risk lands for Earthquakes, the tsunami-centric zones where floods, landslides, storms, etc., are more likely to occur periodically or occasionally or accidentally. The detailed analysis about Erosion and deposition or preservation of the existing water bodies and the groundwater. Study of winds, waves, plateaus, mountains, waves, tides, oceans, minerals, rocks, fossil fuels, the different interior of the Earth-like its outermost crust, then the middle layer called Mantle followed by the innermost surface of the Earth known as its Core. Study of soil, structure, and clouds, etc. Books or study materials you can prefer:

  • Certificate of human and physical geography by Goh Leong
  • Human Geography by Majid Hussain


  • Economic Geography: The thorough conceptual study of factors responsible for the outcomes of the economic sectors; primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the world’s industries with putting major emphasis on the national factors. Cultivation of different crops, including food grains, pulses, and other profitable crops like cotton, indigo, jute, tobacco, etc. The crude oil and gas production and import tariff and formalities involved. The detailed analysis of the businesses or cultivation or production of primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors affected by the locational elements. Some books you can put your eyes on:
  • Evolution of Geographic Thought by Madjid Hussain
  • Physical Geography by Savindra Singh

Every aspirant must begin with the thorough study of NCERT from classes 6th to 12th, including the Oxford Atlas. Learning map plotting and knowing all the geographic locations, Detailed knowledge of the Globe. 

Other than the NCERT syllabus, you need to carry forward with World geography, Human geography, and Economic Geography with the above-mentioned books and your preferred study material and also you can subscribe to the Youtube channels where you can resolve your doubts in a systematic manner and go through multiple lectures for the detailed knowledge of some particular topics.

For the past several years, Unacademy has been considered as the most appropriate and the most reliable resource and platform for the preparation of UPSC CSE and targeting the All Indian top ranks for becoming IAS Indian Administrative Service Officer. For the motive of serving your nation and the pledge to secure the peace, unity, and harmony of the Indian Constitution under article 312. 

From prelims, you need to go through the basics and NCERT course for MCQs and current affairs, but in mains, the pressure would be drastic, so be systematic and follow your routine religiously no matter what came across your way just priorities your preparation over anything and everything then only you will be able to see the magic. The charm of turning your dreams into reality. The Union Public Service Commission conducts the exam in three rounds the preliminary examination, which is the objective type, followed by the Mains examination, which is subjective and where you required to give detailed information and your justified opinions on the questions asked and then comes the time where your personality, intelligence, and excellence got tested through the interview round where the experts ask you different question which you needs to confidently and correctly answer. If you are able to pass all three examinations with grace marks and get the topmost ranks, then only you will be able to live your dream in reality.


Geography is considered as the most scoring subject amongst all because the Global map does not change every day unless there are some national disputes, there might be some damage occurring due to natural calamities, or the consequences of war could also be one of the reasons for geographical alterations. Other than that, the syllabus remains unchanged. Kindly go through the above article to get all your queries resolved.

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