Strategies and Books for Early Birds to Crack IAS

Indian Administrative Service IAS the name itself carries so much pride, respect and power along with the handful of responsibilities associated with it. IAS officer is not just a designation with some powers and authority but it is nations most respectful and high expectation job. To become an IAS officer you need to clear the Civil Services Exam (CSE) conducted by Union Public Service Commission UPSC every exam in the month of June. And the results are declared next year just a week or two before the present year’s exam.

 Clear IAS

Systematic advices, strategies and Books new aspirants should follow

  • Always start with detailed and thorough study of all subjects NCERT from class 6th -12th (read history, geography and political science of classes 11th & 12th thoroughly if you belong to any other stream.
  • Daily habit of reading newspaper for enhancing comprehension skills, improvement in vocabulary, its best for heightening daily knowledge gaining pattern, regular intake of global atmosphere and for that you should at least read two physical newspapers; i) Any national newspaper ii) Economic Times or Mint or any other economics newspaper for keeping eye on daily trends, fluctuations, impacts of global market, FDIs etc. All in all you will get perennial updates.
  •  The aspirants should not preferably invest their precious hours in coaching centres instead they should get their hands on some free or slightly charged online materials and should enroll themselves into daily MCQ quizzes for the fun preparation of current affairs.
  • They can flip through from some good YouTube channels and their live sessions and should prepare with Unacademy is another mind blowing option. Other than that Sleepyclasses, Studyiq etc are also good platforms for self preparation of UPSC.
  • The aspirant must make a strict routine of rigorously sticking to that at any cost, they must know that consistency is the key and the person respects that, only those can unlock the doors of the bright, powerful and meaningful future. The aspirants do not need to jump into the pool to grab all the information available out there but they need to analyse what they want to know and what sources are capable of providing the required information and is that knowledge sufficient enough to resolve your doubts. 
  • For a simple and systematic study routine the candidate should make pairs of the subjects of opposite interest like one practical subject followed by some theoretical reading based subject for switching the mind and get productive relations so that you can acquire more with fresh mind in a lesser but better time frame. Keep taking some fatigue breaks of 10-15mins after every 3-4 hours of continuous study. In the fatigue moments you can do munchings, do some body and eye relaxing exercises, can solve crossword puzzles, sketch/write/color or do whatever you want but get back to your desk within time. The breaks are necessary because it gives relaxation to the mind and body so that they can function ever more productively instead of continuous hours of exhausting studies.
  • It is recommended to prepare for the discretionary subject at the time of prelims so that while the mains preparations the aspirants just require to revive that particular thing. While readying for prelims the aspirant works upon the analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and must emphasise on the detection of your prime distractions and does work upon that thoroughly before you are appearing for mains. Because preliminary exams has the time in abundance to work upon the habits, discipline, commitment of consistency, routine making, selection of the study materials, courses, finding out channels which will help you get rid of your doubts, analysing fatigue requirements, etc. so that can be wholeheartedly and with all your mind and strength dedicate yourself to the Union Public Service Commission Mains examination.
  • Last but never the least but definitely the most neglected point of the UPSC CSE preparation for becoming an IAS officer. Yes, the diet which will produce energy only after that you will be able to sit at your desk for 8 to 14 hours a day, followed by memorising all what you read. Staying hydrated and consuming a high protein diet is important to stay active and motivated towards your end goal. You should consciously focus on consuming easy digestive food, not junk and ready to eat food which will not keep you fit. So staying conscious and eating well plus hydration is a must.


Subsequently pursuing the above strategies will precisely send you near your dreams of serving your country and contributing your part for the protection of the Peace, Harmony and Unity of the Constitution of India. Holding the top most ranks of the Civil Services Exams does only give the chance to pledge your loyalty in the Pride of the nation. 

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