Brexit is essentially an amalgamation of two words British Exit. The British Exit from the European Union is the dramatic reason behind the abbreviation “BREXIT.”  


The European Union is a giant foundation that includes 28 countries out of 51 European countries. The European Union is the regulating body founded in the year 1957 for economic, political, and trade unions. It evolved over several decades, and the recent changes were made in the year 1992. It has two prime governing bodies: the European Council and the European Parliament, which are the regulatory bodies of the elected members of the European Union. In the year 2021, the EU is facilitated by the honor called the Nobel Peace Prize for providing protections to human rights, democracy, reconciliation, and the maintenance of peace and harmony all across Europe.  

Recently, Greece left Citigroup’s Economists named the European Union and the exit as Grexit, and in replication of that, the British kept their exit from European Union as Brexit. The reasons behind leaving the European Union were that.

How does Brexit affect India?

Favorable consequences of British exiting the European Union on India

How is it unfavorable for India after all the above merits

The impacts of the British Exit from the European Union called Brexit.


The Brexit has both positive and negative impacts on India and all the other superpowers of the Globe. Brexit is definitely a strong and risky step taken by the British to better its citizens and the country’s pride, strength, and sovereignty.

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