Difference Between Haploid And Diploid

What is the difference between Haploid and DIploid? It is one of the questions which often create curiosity. It is quite an interesting topic to know, and today we will make it easy for you to understand these concepts.

Now, before we try to know the between Haploid and Diploid, let us first have a quick review of what are genes. This is important to know Haploid and Diploid are part of genes.

Well, genes are what controls the functions and behavior of living beings. Living beings get these genes from their parents and their ancestors. Genes define a lot in a person. The way they look, how they will react to certain things, or sometimes even what illnesses you will have. Everything comes down to genes.

A chromosome is a structure that forms from wound-up DNA and the protein that are inside the nucleus of a cell. The term ploidy refers to the set of chromosomes that are there in the nucleus of the cells.

Now Haploids and Diploids are the two types of ploidy. These are different depending upon the number of sets of chromosomes. The most imminent difference between the two is the set of chromosomes that they have. Haploids have one set of chromosomes. And whereas Daploids have two sets of chromosomes.

There is also polyploidy where there are more than two sets of chromosomes are present.

Now let us understand what are Haploids and Diploids a bit in detail.

What are Haploids?

Haploids are often also referred to as monoploids. The reason behind this, the haploids have only one set of chromosomes. These cells are often called gametes or sex cells. Haploids are quite diverse when it comes to genetics.

Haploids are responsible for maintaining the number of chromosomes present in an organism. Now the haploids gametes merge when fertilization happens. And thus, it becomes diploids.

Now that you are aware of what Haploids is. Let us have a look at what diploid is.

What are Diploids?

Unlike Haploids, diploids have two sets of chromosomes. Diploids forms when two haploids merge. This happens during mitosis. Diploid cell ensures that an organism has two separate copies of homologous chromosomes. These cells form when one set of chromosomes comes from the mother. And the other set of chromosomes will come from the father.

When these chromosomes merge, they become somatic cells. The merging of two chromosomes is Diploid. While merging two or more chromosomes is polyploidy.

But how are Haploids and Diploids different in other perspectives? Well, to answer that, we will compare both based on different aspects.

Difference between Haploids and Diploids

Cell Division

Meiotic cell division causes the formation of Haploids. Whereas, Mitosis cell division causes the formation of Diploids.

Cell Types

Haploid causes the formation of Gametes or sex cells that is female or male cells. On the other side, Diploid is the cause where Non-sec cells or somatic cells form.

Count of the chromosomes

The haploids have one and only one set of chromosomes. And when we talk about the Diploids, then the set of chromosomes is twice the set of chromosomes in Haploids.

Development of Eggs

Haploids get developed from eggs that are not fertilized. And the development of eggs in Diploids happens from fertilized eggs.

Classification Of Types of Organism

The types of organism that has haploid cells are Ants, Beesor Wasps. On the other side, the organisms that have diploid cells are Mammals, fish, and plants.

Type of cells

Haploid cells are either male cells or female cells. At the same time, Diploid cells include Blood cells, muscle cells, etc.


The primary role of haploids is relating to genetic diversity. Haploids are vital in sexual reproduction. And diploids are responsible for the growth and development of organisms.

Total Number of Chromosomes in Humans

If you consider human beings, then there are 23 haploid chromosomes in our body. And we have 46 diploids chromosome in our body.

In humans, haploids play an important role in reproduction and genetic diversity.


Can Haploids have more than one set of chromosomes?

No, that is not possible. Because if there are more than one set of chromosomes present then you refer it to as diploids. And if there are more than two sets of chromosomes, then it is polyploidy.

How are Haploids significant?

Haploids are significant since their primary function is genetic diversity and reproduction.

Which cell division causes the formation of Diploids?

Mitosis cell division causes Diploids to form.

Why are Diploids important?

Diploids are important as they promote the development and growth of organisms.

Final Thoughts

Both Haploids and Diploids have their importance. Both are important for the development of living organisms.

That’s all for this article. We hope that you find this article to be useful and informative. Thanks for reading!

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