Is Blockchain really a Path-Breaking technology

Blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies nowadays. It is a system that records information in a customized way so that it blocks any kind of fishing activities from outside. It initially refers to a digital ledger of transactions that are subjected to be distributed through the entire network of computer systems on blockchain technology.

block chain

Each blockchain involves a number of transactions. Take note that every new structure occurs on the blockchain. However, the decentralized database run by multiple candidates is called DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology. Blockchain refers to a type of DLT that records each transaction with HASH ( an unchangeable cryptographic signature ).

What is special in BlockChain?

It is one of the most searched queries related to Blockchain technology. But before learning this, we have to learn its history and how and why it was invented. Satoshi Nakamoto invented blockchain technology in 2008. It was invented to be utilized in cryptocurrency bitcoin as a public transaction ledger. Satoshi Nakamoto designed the blockchain to let users control their money without the assistance of any third party. The technology used to develop the blockchain was so highly encrypted that not even the government can access it.

But after three years, in 2011, the developer of Bitcoin and Satoshi disappeared and left the open-source software that knowledgeable users of Bitcoin can easily update. Blockchain brings a path-breaking technology that makes it easy to solve the issues related to double-spending without the assistance of any central server.

Why is there sudden hype about blockchain technology? 

Yes! It is true that there is a sudden hype related to using this technology. However, there are certain reasons behind it. In the past, there had been software claiming that anyone could earn digital money. However, all of that software failed.

The most prevailing issue about the blockchain is trust. Suppose an organization creates a new currency called X dollar; then how can you trust that they won’t loot your X dollar for themselves.

Bitcoin was specially designed to fix this issue utilizing an encrypted database called a blockchain. In a regular database like SQL, there is always someone who can change certain entries. There is a sudden hype around BlockChain as it has none to control it. It is run by its users. It can’t be hacked. So people can build trust with it.

Advantages as well as Importance of Blockchain technology 

BlockChain involves several highly advanced technologies to ensure the total safety and security of your money. Enhanced features make BlockChain irresistibly diverse.


Transparency in the transaction makes blockchain one of the most trusted software. There are different types of blockchain. The public blockchain offers transparency due to its characteristics. This technology takes part in the functioning of different aspects of our society, including elections.


Its immutability opens an array of opportunities for the platforms that require immutable traits to make their system more advanced and functional so that they can compete in the market. For instance, you can take chain supply. Immutability enables a company to ensure that there will continue no hamper during packaging in transit.

Digital Freedom

This technology offers digital freedom. You can enjoy centralized entities that offer connectivity associated with the economy. You can take your bank for example. A bank can block all the transactions or even confiscate the account if deemed right. However, when you are taking the blockchain into account, you can see that there is no centralized authority.

Easy use

For a knowledgeable person, blockchain technology is not difficult to use. The blockchain is not confined to a single particular use case. For its easy use, it can be used in every sector such as bank, trade finance, government, healthcare, oil, education, and so on.

Highly secure

The technology utilizes cryptography to add an extra layer of security to the information storing networks. Blockchain provides better security than other networks. It uses complex mathematical algorithms to ensure the highest security.

Enhanced Efficiency

Last but not least, improved efficiency is one of the most important reasons why blockchain is so important. Better security, intermediary removal procedures, and upgraded technology make it one of the most trusted means. Transactions only take seconds rather than one or two weeks to complete. International transactions have also become easier.


The above-mentioned is an overview of the importance of Blockchain technologies. You can utilize it to reach certain goals. It is one of the safest and secure databases. Its highly advanced encryption in terms of security makes it one of the most used databases. If you want to learn more about the technology, feel free to leave your valuable comment. We are happy to assist you. All the best for your future.

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