Important Articles of the Indian Constitution that everyone needs to know

Our Indian Constitution beholds the foundation of law and liberty in your country. As an Indian, we all should know about the importance of the Constitution and also learn about the important articles mentioned there.

Indian Constitution

What is Constitution?

A Constitution is a group of rules and regulations which guide the administration of any country. In the Constitution, one can read all the political principles, process, and powers of the government, duties that government should undertake, and a group of all the fundamental rights, and also the duties of all the Indian citizens, including prime Minister and President who is known as the first citizen in India.

About the Constitution of India

The Constitution of India was originally written by PremBehariNarainRaizada in a vault-like room in the Indian Parliament’s Library, which is situated in New Delhi. When the Constituent Assembly first adopted the Indian Constitution in 1949, it had 395 articles and 22 parts. After then there have been many changes added to the Constitution. Several new articles were introduced, and many others were even eliminated from the Constitution of India.

Who should know about the important articles of the Indian Constitution? 

The Constitution of India is known as the largest Constitution in the whole wide world. But it’s impossible to remember all the parts of the Constitution. But among all the articles. There are certain important articles that every citizen of India should know about. And it is even more mandatory for the students who have taken law as their core subject to know about almost all the important articles written in the Constitution. They should also know about all the changes that are being made to the Constitution of India. It is only because knowing about the important articles form their base of the education.

Understandably, it is impossible for a normal human being to learn and remember all the important articles mentioned in the Constitution of India and to apply them whenever there is a need and urgency to apply them. So, even if there is no scope to memorize all of the important articles, one must know about some of the essential articles to establish their career in law. Apart from knowing some of the important articles, there are also some interesting facts about the Indian Constitution that a law student should be aware of. So, before heading towards some of the interesting facts about the Indian Constitution, let’s see the most important articles that a law student must know to be successful in their career.

Important articles of the Constitution of India and what they tell 

Article 12-35 tells about all the fundamental rights of the Constitution

Article 36-51 tells about directive principles of the state policy

Article 51A determines the Fundamental Duties of every Indian citizen

Article 80 tells about the number of seats in the RajyaSabha

Article 81 determines the number of seats in the LokSabha

Article 343 considers Hindi as the official language of India

Article 356 the imposition of the President’s rule in all the states

Article 370 gives special status to Kashmir

Article 395 Repeals India Independence act and Government of India Act, 1935

Some of the essential articles among the above articles 

Part 1-Article 1 to Article 4

Article 1 tells about the name and territory of the union

Article 2 tells about the admissions and establishments of the new states

Article 3 explains the formation of new states and alteration of the areas, boundaries, and the name of the existing states

Part 2– Article 5 to Article 11

Article 5 states the citizenship at the commencement of the Constitution

Article 6 tells about the rights of the citizens of the country who has migrated to India from Pakistan

Article 10 tells about the continuance of the right of citizenship by law

Part 3– Article 12 to Article 35

Article 12 the definition of all the Indian States

Article 13 tells that about laws that are inconsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights

Some of the important rights of the Constitution of India

The following fundamental rights are taught to the student from a very young age because they comprise the most valuable part of the Constitution of India.

Right to Equality (Article 14 to Article 18)

Right to Freedom (Article 19 to Article 22)

Right against Exploitation (Article 23 to Article 24)

Right to Freedom of Religion (Article25 to Article 28)

Cultural and Education Right (Article 29 to Article 30)

Numerous articles are extremely important to know. Some of them are

Part 4- Directive Principles of State Policy (Article 36 to Article 51)

Fundamental Duties: Part 4,(Article 51A)

Part 5 Union (Article 52 to Article 151)

Part 6 States (Article 152 to Article 237)


It is very difficult to cover all of them at once. But as a responsible citizen, it is extremely important for us to know at least some of the important Articles of Indian Constitution, and becomes more important for a law student to know about it. If you find this useful, please let us know.

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