Globalization And Its Impact On Indian Society

Globalization is something that has attracted the whole world towards utilizing the benefits of each other. It has led to many advancements, be it in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Globalization has led the ideas, products, services, technology, ideas, and people to cross borders and create a huge impact on the life of people. Foreign countries have brought advanced technologies with them, and those have helped India to grow at a very fast rate. 


With growth comes competition. Foreign countries have proved advantageous to Indians in various aspects of their lives and have also impacted their lives by creating competition for the domestic industrialists. The products of foreign industries were machine-made and much cheaper than the Indian industries’ hand-made products. This led to an intensive decline in such industries and acquaintance of the stake by foreigners. But you cannot look towards all negatives when the positives are more. Globalization has helped us know more about western culture and practices and has removed cultural barriers. 

In today’s world, we accept the person of any country, color, race, or gender with open arms, and this is the result of globalization that lets us open up our restrictive thoughts. So, here are the effects of globalization on Indian society.

Effects of Globalisation on Indian Society 

  • Family Structure and Role of Women 

Earlier, people used to prefer joint families, and children were made to be raised under the guidance of their grandparents. But with changing times, people have started preferring nuclear families and started treating their grandparents as guests. At some point in time, their parents also start feeling like a burden to them. The role of women was only considered to be taking care of the family, but with the advancement in thinking, equality between men and women has started increasing, and they are treated equally.

  • Marriage System and Values 

Earlier marriages were arranged by the parents where the partners had to give up on their will and agree to them. But now, this generation likes to choose their partners according to their interests and preferences, and this is somehow the result of globalization.

  • Festivals and Social Values 

Earlier, people used to gather in social events and engage with each other and celebrate festivals altogether. But with changing times, people have started avoiding social gatherings. This generation collaborates with people based on their status in society. The way of greeting others used to be by touching the feet of elders or by saying ‘Namaste,’ but nowadays, people greet each other with a ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi.’ 

  • Food, Clothing, and Dialect 

The food of every region varies according to the culture. But this generation has adopted the western culture of junk food that has led to increased health issues. Clothing in earlier times used to be restrictive depending upon your gender. But with the advancement of values, people have realized that clothes should not be gendered. Everyone has the right to wear whatever they want to. The dialect of people has changed as foreign languages like English, German, and French seem more attractive to them rather than their mother tongue.

  • Work and Agriculture Sector 

MNCs have made the work culture in big offices and high salaries look more important to the youth of today. India is an agriculture-based nation, and its resources must be taken care of in a proper way. But agriculture has lost all its importance for today’s generation. 

  • Business Culture 

The Indian business culture has changed in so many ways. People have started adopting new technology and taking more risks than usual. Earlier, the method of keeping the business secure was the key to success. Now, risks lead to more profit and development. New ideas are being adopted every day to become better than the competitors. But an increase in industrialization has led to an increase in unemployment. More and more people are shifting to bigger cities because of urbanization, making the places congested to live. 

  • Space, Science, and Technology 

There has been a lot of advancement in these fields. Communication and navigation are now at the tips of our hands. Space and science technology has led to so many possible things like weather forecasting, rural connectivity, improvement in health and education, and so many more things that weren’t possible earlier.


India, after globalization, has become an important political and economic strength in the world. Globalization has resulted in the increase of global market services that weren’t possible earlier. Rural areas have now been connected with urban areas, and advancement in these areas is taking place. New technologies are being used in every sector and have led to advancement at a very good pace. Globalization has provided us with numerous benefits, but some factors have proven to be non-beneficial for the country, like increasing corruption and unemployment among the youth. It is the government’s responsibility to look into all the things and take steps to resolve them.

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