It is crucial that every UPSC CSE aspirant understands the importance of NCERT textbooks for clearing the IAS Exam. This article is going to give all the information about the NCERT textbooks that are relevant to the UPSC exam. 


You will find a detailed Subject-wise list of NCERT textbooks that you need to be thorough to get through all the levels of the IAS Exam. You will also find where you can find the soft copies ad hard copies of these books. Let us go on. 

What is NCERT

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is an autonomous organization that the government of India had set up in 1961. The purpose of this organization is to assist and advise the government at both central and state levels to set up policies and strategize programs to improve the quality of school education. 

The major objectives of the NCERT organization are to publish textbooks and supplementary materials, develop innovative educational techniques and educational kits. 

NCERT Books 

Regarding all the subjects for the exam, aspirants are advised to study NCERT textbooks from 6th to 12th standards. Many questions asked in the IAS Exam are taken directly or indirectly from these textbooks.  

Since the NCERT textbooks are meant to be for children, the concepts in those books are put in simple words yet concise and sufficient in information. This makes it very easy for adults preparing for the UPSC exam to grasp information from these books, clearly understanding all the fundamental concepts. These books give an insight into every subject. 

Let us look at all the subjects we are supposed to look out for in the NCERT textbooks. 

For the above subjects, we are going to look at the NCERT textbooks that aspirants need to be thorough with for every Paper of the IAS Exam. Please continue to read the article for NCERT textbooks required for UPSC GS Paper I. 

General Studies Paper I: This paper requires books on Indian History, Indian Society, Indian Art and Culture, and Geography. 

NCERT textbooks on Indian History:  

NCERT textbooks on Indian Society: 

NCERT textbooks on Indian Art and Culture: 

NCERT textbooks on Geography: 

Please continue reading for more information on NCERT textbooks required for UPSC GS Paper-II. 

General Studies Paper-II: This paper requires books on Polity/Political Science. 

NCERT textbooks on Polity: 

Keep reading for information on NCERT textbooks required for UPSC GS Paper III. 

General Studies Paper III: This paper requires books on Economy, Science, and Technology, Environment and Ecology. 

NCERT textbooks on Economy: 

NCERT textbooks on Science and Technology: 

NCERT textbooks on Environment and Ecology: 

Lastly, let us know the NCERT textbooks required for UPSC GS Paper IV: 

General Studies Paper IV: This paper requires NCERT books on Ethics and Psychology. 

NCERT textbooks on Psychology: 

Where can I find these books from? 

There are free soft copies available online as well as PDFs of the textbooks to download from the internet. Or one can always buy physical books, which can be bought directly from the store or from Amazon or Flipkart. 

You can click on the below link and have access to the free soft copies of all the NCERT textbooks.  

Or you can buy the whole bundle of 37 NCERT books on Amazon from the following link.  

If you are looking to buy only a few specific books, probably those you couldn’t find online, you can always search for that specific book and buy it. 

What to read after finishing the NCERT textbooks? 

 NCERT textbooks alone are not enough for IAS Exam preparation. Aspirants also need to refer to subject-specific books like: 

That was all about the most important NCERT textbooks that are essential for the UPSC Exam. Aspirants need to refer to a lot of additional material in order to clear the Exam. For more information and Tips for the IAS Exam, please refer to our blog posts and subscribe for regular updates from our website. 

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