National Logistics Policy 2022 – Highlights (Points)

PM Narendra Modi Announced National Logistic policy 2022 on the eve of his 72 birthdays, The intent of this policy is to promote seamless transport of material across the country to promote competitive sprit of the transport industry. In comparison with economies of developed nations India has higher price tags so this end of policy was needed.

National Logistic policy 2022 was first addressed by our finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the 2020 budget proposal. With the help of integrated and Tech enabled logistic process product price will be reduced by 13 to 14% this will also help in improving the country’s GDP.

National Logistics Policy 2022: Overview

Article Type


Policy Proposal year


Policy Implemented Date

17th September 2022

Advantage of this Policy

Reduce the Product price by 13-14%

Important Points of National Logistics Policy 2022

  1. Integration of digital systems (IDS)
  2. Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP)
  3. Ease of Logistics (ELOG)
  4. System Improvement Group (SIG)

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