How to Prepare for AP TET & DSC Exams?

The APTET stands for the Andhra Pradesh State Teacher Eligibility Test. The conducting body of APTET is the Commissioner of School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh. This test aims to draft a basis on which candidate is to screen for the vacant teaching spots (from Class I to Class VIII). The job vacancies spread across the (Government/ ZP/ MP/ Municipal/ Recognized Private Aided & Private Unaided) sectors.


In Andhra Pradesh Schools, the tests are the preliminary step to get appointed as a teacher. These tests are conducted through online mode for class I to class V, which comes under the category I. Through this test, the candidates receive detailed information about the Andhra Pradesh State Teacher Eligibility Test. Given below are a plethora of tips that can come in real handy during the preparation of APTET:

●  Harnessing time wisely: 

Preparation for any exam comes along with the need for proper time management. Maintaining a steady schedule is crucial if one has the urge to succeed. The quest for cracking any competitive exam is quite a challenge in itself. It becomes all the while more essential for appearing individuals to take the time to craft a schedule that shall aid in their preparation.

Understandably, candidates may also have other tasks and jobs that are to be taken care of. But everything needs to be in sync if one wishes to crack the exams at one go. One of the most sought-after ways to harness the time properly is to divide the time for studying in a daily schedule.

An aspirant should administer more time to focus on the weaker topics to strengthen them. No matter what happens, the set time for study is to follow religiously and meticulously. As they say, there’s nothing as intense as good preparation combined with proper time management. 

●  Opt for authentic study material:

It is essential for any competitive exam preparation that the candidate always prefer authentic study materials. The newest edition and the most simplified study materials are recommended. One also religiously needs to indulge in sample tests and mock tests, helping them monitor their progress. 

●  Be thorough with the previous year question papers: 

Trick as old as time is to practice the previous years’ question papers. These papers can help candidates get a clear idea about many issues concerning the exams. From understanding the pattern of questions to finding out the most preferred topics and so on, these question papers are pretty essential.

Also, it is to be kept in mind that sometimes these questions do reappear. It is a wise decision to go through the previous year’s question papers and mock tests. 

●  Make it a mandatory habit of making short notes. 

Candidates should make it a habit of making short notes from the syllabus. These brief notes help them understand the syllabus better. These quick notes come exceptionally handy during the last moments of exam preparation. One can quickly revise tiny bits of important information without searching for them from books. 

How to Prepare for AP DSC?

The DSC comes in two categories: Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) and School Assistant (SA). SGT and SA’s common subjects are Teaching Methodology, Perspective in Education, and Content and General Knowledge. In context to SGT, there are additional languages. Though the subjects are common in SGT and SA, in-depth concepts shall vary accordingly. 

Given below are some techniques to help Prepare for AP DSC:

●  Prepare an action plan:

It is always an essential step to craft a plan of action before cracking the DSC exam. Many tasks are to endeavor before one can finally sit for the exams, from preparing one’s notes to reading government books published from 6th to 8th class.  

●  Make it a point to be punctual:

Understandably, any competitive exam requires lots of dedication, effort, and time. Though there may be many adversities along the path, it is a must that the candidate is punctual for cracking any competitive exam. The candidate cannot afford to waste any of their valuable time under any circumstances. It is advised that they break the syllabus into parts and begin by slotting time separately for each element.

Start slowly but steadily. As one progresses further, the speed of learning gradually increases as the candidate picks up the pace. It is to be taken into account that the candidates must also maintain their own set of notes and rigorous studies. From symbols to mnemonics, the candidate can dive into various methods through which studying and remembering become an easy task. 

●  Take an interest in improving the general knowledge: 

Improving one’s general knowledge is highly appreciated, given that these competitive exams often have questions that check out the amount of general knowledge one holds. The most well-known tips are to read the newspapers daily so that there’s a boost to the general knowledge and vocabulary under the English section. Time and again, newspapers have proven to be a rich source of expertise that provides an endless fountain of proficiency regarding current affairs, which is also a crucial part of the examination.

●  Do the research thoroughly:

It is essential before venturing out to attend any examination to do thorough research. One must know entirely about what all is available in the actual syllabus, the most important topics to focus and so on. Proper research also helps the candidate get an insight into the pattern of the examination. The candidate can also pinpoint the issues that they are weak at. It can help them focus more on themselves and ace their overall performance. 

●  Sit for mock tests. 

With the passing time, mock tests have amassed quite a loyal fanbase for them. Candidates are asked to try and attempt as many mock tests as possible, which helps them gain more knowledge and confidence. While attempting the mock tests, try to attempt them subject-wise to help you remember the subjects more easily. Also, opt for solving all of the previous question papers of TET and DSC examinations.

Later on, checking the answers can give you an idea of how much progress you need to make. Also, most experts advise that it is better to follow NCERT Books as most of the questions are stated from 9th and 10th class books only.

●  Join online group discussion:

With advancements in technology, it is very much possible to opt for group discussions across various online centers. Group discussions are an excellent way of preparing for any competitive exam, affecting one’s overall performance. Also, it’s a pretty clever way of learning methodology subjects.

●  Know where to stop :

It is an unsaid rule, but one must never learn new topics once they finish with their preparation. It may have severe effects on the overall performance of the candidate during the examination.

●  Be picky about what to choose:

Though it might seem tempting, there’s no point trying to mug up all the material available in the market. It’s essential to be smart and to be extremely picky as to what one chooses to read. Remember that being smart and putting in the effort is more important than putting the effort without direction. For added guidance, one can also join AP DSC online coaching classes.

Last-Minute Tips for AP TET-DSC 2021 – Expert Strategy to score high

If you are willing to appear for the APSET exam but it is way too late, fear not, as some last moment tips can take you by storm. Revise the syllabus of APSET effectively to fare well in the exam. Candidates who haven’t started their preparation for APSET 2021 must do an aggressive practice to crack it at the very first attempt as the time left is quite less. It is to be taken into account that only the top 6% of candidates are declared qualified in the APSET exam.

Hence it is a fact that the competition is fierce. For candidates who are starting their exam preparation just one month before, it is inevitable not to opt for a strategic course of action. It is the only way to help candidates crack the exam in a better way. Here are a few tips and tricks to excel in APSET 2021

●  APSET Mock Test

To prepare for the APSET exam in a given short period, a student must study at least 12 hours a day to keep up with the course. Also, one must appear for mock tests as this will help the candidates to gauge the trend of questions asked in APSET. To add to it, appearing for mock tests also help boost the candidate’s self-confidence, which is considered essential to crack any entrance examination. 

Also, there are higher chances to feature among the top 6% of candidates if there’s fierce determination. Divide the syllabus between Paper I and Paper II and accordingly start your preparation for the APSET exam.

● The candidates should have a thorough knowledge of the topics included in the syllabus of APSET 2021. Knowing the complete syllabus in detail gives a better vision and helps the candidates to plan and prepare accordingly.

● While appearing for any competitive exam, it is a must that candidates are made aware of the structure, exam pattern, and marking scheme of the exam. Knowing about the marking scheme helps them make a correct judgment about the different sections’ importance. Similarly, knowledge about the exam pattern is vital for the candidates to hope for a scope to crack the exam.

● Candidates should prepare a timetable for the upcoming APSET 2021 exam. A fixed schedule helps candidates have a good hold over the time to prepare for different sections.

● While preparing for the different sections of the APSET syllabus, candidates should jot down or take notes. These essential pointers can be of immense help at the time of last-minute revision.

● It is advisable to solve APSET’s previous years’ question papers while preparing for it. It’s considered to be one of the smartest and easiest methods of revising the pre-learned topics.

● It isn’t unusual for candidates to forget or lose a steady grip over the topics they learned long ago. This happens with almost every other student, and there’s nothing to be wary about. To solve such a crisis, aspirants must allot time for strategized regular revisions in their preparation strategy.

Exam Day Tricks for APSET 2021 that one needs to follow religiously: 

Apart from the general tricks, certain other aspects can help the candidates excel in the entrance examination. Some of the APSET 2021 exam day tricks and tips have been shared below:

● Candidates must ensure that they have carried all the important documents related to the APSET 2021 to the examination hall. These documents include APSET 2021 admit card, ID proof, and so on.

● Candidates should make it a point to reach the examination venue at least 15 minutes before the exam begins. Going well on time will help the candidates to avoid any anxiety or hassle.

● When it comes to competitive exams, reading the question paper and the test booklet’s instructions is one of the most crucial phases. It can’t be overlooked under any circumstance. Sometimes the most straightforward questions are masked under a deceptive appearance, so reading the question, over and over, is important.

Also, there are slight shifts to the rules at times, and hence one must read the instructions mentioned on the APSET question paper before starting to solve it.

● It is always advisable to solve the easier sections of the question paper first as it gives a positive vibe and gives a better mental state and the potential to work on the challenging portion with comfort.

● Time management is considered to be an art and is a crucial element for success. If you wish to excel in the exams, then master the art of time management. The aspirant should give extra focus to not wasting a lot of time while solving a particular question.

● Candidates should view their answer sheet once or twice after completing the question paper.

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