Breif Explaination On Flora and Fauna

The Ecosystem that we live in is a very interesting thing. It will amaze you how these ecosystems exist. And there are so many factors that work in harmony so that the Ecosystem works in a proper way.

Today we are going to know about the most important component of an ecosystem. We will learn how they are important to the Ecosystem and more. So first, let us understand what an Ecosystem is.


The Ecosystem is often described as an area where biotic and abiotic factors exist. Biotic are living organisms, and abiotic are non-living things. Examples of biotic include plants, animals, and humans. It also includes insects, bacteria, etc. Everything that lives. Abiotic or non-living things like temperature, air, water, and weather, etc.

In an ecosystem, biotic and abiotic elements depend on each other for their growth. And also sometimes for survival. Biotic like plants depend on abiotic things like sunlight and water to grow. They use sunlight and water to process and survive.

Likewise, animals like cows, goats, and giraffes, who are herbivores, depend upon plants. And the carnivores depend on the herbivores for their food and survival. And like that, the Ecosystem works as a cycle. An ecosystem can be both small and large. And the whole earth is nothing but home to thousands and hundreds of small ecosystems.

There is another category to look at to study the Ecosystem better: flora and fauna. In the next section, we are going to learn about what are flora and fauna and how they are important.

What is Flora?

In Latin, flora means “Goddess of the flower.” But in studies, the flora is means plants. The term flora gets used to denote the whole plant kingdom.

There are many flora species on earth that there will still be some species that won’t get discovered. And the scientists still find a new species every now and then.

Flora can get classified into a lot of types and segments. There are flowers and fruits and plants. Like there are so many plants that only have flowers. And some plants only give fruits. While some plants grow underground, and some plants grow in vines.

There are other variations, too, depending upon the size to which certain plants grow. Some plants grow only some inches, like plants that bear flowers. At the same time, some plants are very tall as a coconut tree.

Besides that, it also depends on the region where certain plants can grow. For example, cactus can only grow in the desert region. And it is well adapted for that surrounding.

What is Fauna?

In very basic terms, fauna translates to the animal kingdom on this planet. Animal life is what we call fauna on earth. In Latin, “fauna” means “Goddess of fertility.” Fauna covers all kinds of animals kind our there.

Like Flora, fauna also gets classified into various categories like birds and animals. It also includes fish and also certain undiscovered animals. Like flora, sometimes you will find a certain kind of fauna only in certain regions. For example, you will find penguins and polar bears in the snowy regions. This is what we call the natural habitat of that animal.

Every species of fauna has its own habitat that they live and grow in. Some stay in the water, some on land, some on both land and water. At the same time, some enjoy the open sky. And depending upon where they stay, their food habits also differ. The food preferences are, in fact, based upon what they are. Like some animals are herbivores and only eat plants.

While some animals are carnivores, and they eat other small animals. So there is a lot different aspect that you will find in both flora and fauna.

Importance of Flora and Fauna

In an ecosystem, each thing has its specific role. Whether it’s flora or fauna, they play the roles that they have to.

Important for the Human Life

The balance in the Ecosystem gets maintained because of flora and fauna. Also, humans exist because of them. They rely on plants for their basic need of oxygen. And for food, they depend on both flora and fauna.

Useful for medicines

Flora and fauna of our Ecosystem contribute a lot to ancient and modern medicine alike. There are certain rare plants that can treat deadly diseases.

It can boost the Economy.

There are certain flora and fauna that are only found in specific locations and habitats. And to see that a lot of people pay are ready to pay money. Which in turn works wonders for the tourism of countries will special and rare flora and fauna. This helps to boost the economy of a country in a big way.

Final Thoughts

Flora and fauna are not only beautiful to see but have a lot of benefits as well uses. So that’s all about flora and fauna of our Ecosystem.

Thank you for reading.

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