Top Websites for UPSC IAS Exam Preparation 2021

Days are gone when aspirants used to depend only upon books to prepare for the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Years ago, there was no internet, and the only source for preparing for the exam was the book. But now, it’s a must to find the Best Websites for IAS Preparation and access them for top-notch exam preparation.IAS

With the emergence of the internet, the way of learning has evolved a lot. The Internet has become extremely popular. There are many sites available on the internet, both private and government which serve the best service for the students. But along with good and genuine sites, there are also some fake sites that provide the students with all the fake news and wrong study material. So today, we will help all the IAS aspirants to know about the genuine coaching websites that help the students to prepare for the UPSC exams. And along with this, we will also tell you how these educational websites can help you in so many ways. We aim to provide students to visit directly to the correct website so that it allows them to save their precious time.

List of IAS Exam Preparation Websites for UPSC Civil Service exam

  • clearias.com
  • byjus.com
  • cleariasexam.com
  • insightsonindia.com
  • iasbaba.com
  • mrunal.org
  • civilsdaily.com
  • gktoday.in
  • unacademy.com
  • neostencil.com
  • iasparliament.com
  • visionias.in
  • iasscore.in
  • drishtiias.com
  • pmfias.com
  • afeias.com
  • dhyeyaias.com
  • studyiq.com
  • IASexamportal.com
  • civilserviceindia.com
  • iaspassion.com
  • iaskracker.com
  • jagranjosh.com
  • vajiramandravi.com
  • iassquad.in
  • Some of the IAS forums
  • iasforums.com
  • upscforums.com
  • forumias.com
  • Some of the IAS blogs
  • thesupermanreturns.wordpress.com
  • lohitmatani.wordpress.com
  • jhinujha.wordpress.com
  • irasinghal.blogspot.in
  • unravellingcse.wordpress.com
  • anudeepdurishetty.in
  • demystifycse.in
  • csewiki.org

Best Websites for IAS Preparation – Some of the useful Government websites 







prsindia.org idsa.in









What are the benefits these Websites provide students?

These websites are doing a great job in providing a student with all the useful information and study material. They have experts in the respective field who guide the students efficiently, like a home tutor or any physical coaching classes. You can get both free and paid classes which you can select according to your needs. Apart from these, the IAS online coaching websites provide:

  • Proper guidance
  • Useful study materials
  • Conducts mock tests
  • Important books
  • Up-to-date syllabus
  • Important prelims programs
  • Important mains programs
  • Useful interview programs
  • Essential PDFs, DOCs, Files
  • Useful download links
  • Other useful Information
  • UPSC exam dates
  • Important news
  • Previous year’s question papers
  • Useful strategies to pass the examination
  • Doubt clearing sessions

You will get both video and live lectures in a comfortable ambiance. These websites give their best to make toppers. You will get these facilities in just one click. Some of these websites also have apps to make learning easier for the aspirants. But some of them still don’t believe that these online websites are doing a great job helping students achieve their dreams. So, we have also decided to mention the benefits that students get from these reputed online websites.

3 Benefits of online learning from Best Websites for IAS Preparation

It provides students flexibility

These online learning websites help the aspirants to adjust their classes according to their preferences. It also helps you to give yourself time to understand any particular subject. They can repeat a particular explanation several times. The students can schedule the learning at their convenience. You do not need to skip any occasions, or family gets together as they are essential for you to recreate apart from giving your full time to the classes. You can log in whenever you want at any time of the day. Unlike in a physical class, you don’t have to question your teacher a hundred times; you can listen to the lecture on loop in the online video lectures. It makes learning better and extremely convenient.

It helps you to make a better time management 

If you are doing any job, you can easily access the lectures at night or any other day as there is no fixed set of the routine like physical or live classes. You can log in anytime and get access to the already recorded video lectures. There is no time-bound. You do not have to sit in one place till the class ends. You can pause it anytime. Do some self-learning, and again come back and resume the class. You can get much better learning which can guarantee you to pass the toughest examination with flying colors.

You will get to know about new technical skills

Pursuing online coaching classes from the trusted websites, whether private, government or NGO, will enable you to learn various technical skills, which is a plus point. It is because online learning provides you with study materials online via Google Document, Dropbox, and more. Also help you learn how to access online classrooms to sometimes conduct live classes like Skype, Zoom, Google meet, and some other communication tools and applications. There are various other technologies that enable your learning even better.

There are so many advantages of registering with these genuine IAS online coaching websites. We assure you, after log in, you won’t regret it. Another best part of these websites, they provide online classes at affordable prices. So, if you want to know more about it, stay in touch here.

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